AgroPy Ltd

AgroPy Ltd (formerly Agropharm Africa Limited), in Musanze District Northern Province, is the only manufacturer of liquid and powder organic and eco-friendly pesticides in Rwanda.

AgroPy Ltd manufactures products for use in the agricultural, horticultural, veterinary and public health pest control sectors including mosquito control.

A key botanical insecticide active ingredient is Pyrethrum Pale Extract, containing pyrethrins, from Pyrethrum flowers grown by local farmers and processed locally by SOPYRWA, a subsidiary of Horizon Group Ltd. Over 37,000 farmers from Musanze, Nyabihu, Rubavu, and Burera depend on pyrethrum growing for household income.

AgroPy products that use this powerful non-persistent pesticide include water emulsified concentrates Pyrethrum 5EW & Pyrethrum EWC, Inkuyo Tick Grease and Agrothrin Dust.

AgroPy seeks to develop partnerships with its customers through the provision of technical advice on the most cost effective spraying techniques and guidance on Integrated Pest Management IPM.

Local manufacture creates employment, saves valuable foreign exchange and offers a highly flexible customer service. It also allows the development of product formulations tailored to local demand.

About Us

AgroPy Ltd (Formerly Agropharm Africa Ltd) was established in 2011 in Musanze, Northern Province, Rwanda. AgroPy Ltd benefits from having refined top quality Pyrethrum Pale Extract locally available from Horizon Group’s subsidiary SOPYRWA...

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The company has grown and developed a range of strong brands and innovative products based on botanical ingredients....

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Location Address:
Ruhengeri-Gisenyi Road(RN4), Muhoza Sector, Musanze District, Nothern Province, Rwanda.

Shop Address:
KN 55st & KN 2 Ave, The Downtown  Bus Interchange Building, Kigali - Gasabo

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 81, Musanze, Republic of Rwanda.

Tel: +250 733 338 383/788 384 846